• 12.12.2021   Wings 2 v1.4.0 released.

    1.4.0 is a remaster built with updated tools and libraries. It fixes some issues the 2008 build had with modern PCs and Windows 10. The installer includes selected content from the old music and level packs.

    The game now runs in a scalable window or full screen in native desktop resolution.

    New feature: Support defining alternative control sets for keyboard and other controllers.

  • 8.11.2008   Wings 2 v1.3.6 released.

    Try it now: Complete version of Wings 2 is now available for free. The game includes five multiplayer game modes playable in the Internet, LAN or single computer, and a single player practice mode as an added bonus. Easy but challenging gameplay, great variety of weapons and equipment to choose from.

    If you like the game, also remember to download the complete Wings 2 music and level packs, for over 40 great new songs and maps.

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